Partnership Agreements

What is Partnership Agreements?

Business Partnership Agreements are drafted with the intention of mutual consent and agreement across the outlining terms & working of a business. It helps to keep both partners in sync with the guidelines set in running a business.
A partnership agreement is a written legal agreement between two parties. A partnership agreement having legal implications makes the partners severely and jointly liable to all the business operations.
The partners mutually decide on the business contributions including how to run a business together, capital, intellectual property, real property, manufacturing space. The agreement also sets a guideline on decision making, percentage of partnership, allocation of profits & losses, individual partner responsibilities, resolution of partnership disputes, retirement, death of a partner, dissolution, exit strategy etc.

Why Use Partnership Agreements?

A Business Partnership Agreement is written around the terms & working of a new business partnership. A Partnership Agreement facilitates easy and smooth functioning of businesses and everyday operations without any disagreement. A business partnership agreement is a blueprint of the code of conduct for the members involved in the business.
Planning and documenting through an agreement in advance always saves the last moment disputes as well as the impending court battles.

A Partnership Agreements serves as a blueprint for shaping the business and promoting it to the next level. In doing so, all the documents and finer terms of the agreement should be clearly studied and negotiated by either party.

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